Is artificial grass a good buy?

Creating a space that is maintenance free and weed free will allow you to do other important things in your life, like have more family time or inviting friends over for a barbeque, rather than mowing your lawn all weekend.

If you are thinking of installing turf in a multifamily or commercial application, it will lower ongoing maintenance and equipment costs. Your staff will likely thank you for not having to haul a lawn mower into every single back yard.

Yes, there is an initial cost for buying the turf and installing it. But the savings over the years are large. No more lawn mower, fuel, or weed trimmer. No need to purchase fertilizer or weed chemical either. Artificial grass usually lasts around 25 years, so the cost is reasonable over that period. A side benefit is water conservation by no more watering thus, lowering you household or business utility cost.

Landscape grass is perfect for high traffic areas, such as daycare play spaces and dog runs. It is easy to clean, never needs mowing and no more muddy paws or little footprints in your house.


But, make sure to ask the right questions about the product you are going to purchase.

North American made artificial turf is manufactured to a high standard and is monitored by the Synthetic Turf Council. Products coming to Canada from other parts of the world do not have to comply with these standards.

Questions to ask

  1. How much does it cost is the first question most people ask? Ensure you are comparing products that are the same. Weight, backing, infill (sand, coated sand, or water retention infill) and colour.
  2. How does it feel? You want you space to look as natural as possible and not like the old green mats people used on their front steps in the seventies.
  3. Is there any lead in the artificial grass or the colouring used on it? Will the product leach any chemicals over its life time?
  4. Will the colour remain constant over the next 15 years?
  5. What infill is used and how does the turf drain?
  6. What warranties do you issue? All manufacturers proved warranty protection ranging from 5 to 15 years. Ask your installation company if they provide a warranty on their service.

When you are ready, get several quotes and timelines for the install. Make yourself a beautiful space.

You may be surprised at how cost effective artificial landscape grass can be in the long run.

All these questions can be answered by a CLICK here.

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