Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

Most people know that artificial turf saves watering and requires no maintenance, but is it environmentally friendly? As the product increases in popularity the question does come up a lot.

Since the its introduction in the early 1960s, artificial landscape grass has been installed all over the world. It is hugely popular in Europe and Australia and a growing amount being installed in North America. It is drought resistant so in places that have little rainfall, it is a great alternative to natural sod.

It can actually improve our local environment.

Reducing Harmful Emissions

Artificial grass is not a living thing and some critics suggest “it cannot do the same things natural grass can do like converting CO2 to oxygen.

Those critics are correct about that point. What they fail to point out is that the continual upkeep of a lawn takes electricity, gas, chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides, all of which contribute to air pollution. Not to mention the water usage to keep it alive and aesthetically pleasing.

Protects Your Health, Along With the Environment

Chemistry suggests that the production and use of chemicals may contribute as much as 8% towards global warming. Artificial grass not only saves the use of any chemical but also helps keep you, your children and pets safer from the effects of these fumes and unnatural products. An EPA study found that by using a gas powered lawn mower for an hour, it produces the same emissions as 11 cars, over the same period.

Here’s an interesting fact, more that 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled in the US every year due to filling lawn mowers.

Preserves Water

We have mentioned in other blogs the water saving of artificial lawns. Why not use some of that water to create a gorgeous flower garden or grow some organic vegetables for your family. This tip will save you money over the late summer and fall at the grocery store.

The world is facing huge water scarcity and the ‘buy local’ movement is truly a throwback to how our grandparents ate, by growing their own.

They have proven that gardening is one great stress reliever. (There are a bunch more, if you CLICK here…) but gardening gets you out in the fresh air and gives a tremendous feeling of accomplishment as you watch it grow and harvest your bounty.

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Artificial lawns, with proper installation will ensure that excess rainfall travels to your garden and will not pool. It will drain through to the ground to avoid messy puddles and muck. We are all responsible for ensuring that our part of the earth is sustainable ad environmentally sound, but you can be assured that artificial turf will not be detrimental to your outdoor space and all those who enjoy it. If you have more questions please contact us.

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