Let’s save some water and some money.

We all have heard that we need to conserve water. Canada is home to a large percentage of the world’s fresh water, however, there is still a huge need to conserve and protect it. One way to do that is to stop lawn watering, as much as is sensible. Irrigation for farm crops is necessary in many parts of Canada but a significant amount of the water we use in urban centres is for residential use, including lawn watering.

Lawn watering accounts for about a 50 percent increase in your water bill over the summer months.

There is a better way by properly installing artificial landscape grass.

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Additional benefit is that there is less or no leaching of chemicals and fertilizer into the storm water system.  A properly installed artificial lawn captures the rain water in the sub base and it can evaporate naturally. Because Southern Alberta is home to one of the world’s best sport fishing rivers, keeping the Bow River as pristine as possible is a goal for all of Southern Alberta.

Less water means less money as well. Most communities charge for water usage and disposal. Even if you don’t put your household water down the drain, you are charged for it anyway. By lowering your water intake, you also lower your utility costs.

If you choose to install artificial turf, be sure that it is done properly. This provides that the area covered retains the rain water and doesn’t send streams of excess down the storm drains. They must use the proper amount of sub-base to promote retention of the water without making a swimming pool where you don’t want one.

Ask us how to install landscape grass properly to manage drainage.

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